The 4 Week "Over 30's ONLY" Body Transformation Programme

Lymm’s No. 1 Body Transformation Programme For Busy Over 30’s Who Have Got To That Point Where They Accept Traditional Gyms And Yo-Yo Diets Just Don’t Work.

If you sometimes struggle to find the motivation and time to train on a regular basis then it sounds like you could be a good fit.


Before starting your 4 Week Programme, we discuss what you need from us to get you the results you wanr.

This is all about finding out your starting points, getting you set up with your 4 Week Account, learning what you can and can’t do and what injuries or limitations you may have. Plus answer any questions you have.


These Sessions Are For People Doing The 4 Week Team Training Programme. 

During your 4 Week programme, you will get access our Team Training programme. This program is based around HIIT, Circuits.

There are 12 sessions a week. You can come as often as you want, whenever you want.

You will train with up to just 10 people, all over 30, and all with similar goals to yourself.

All led by an expert Personal Trainer to help monitor and guide you during your sessions.

Lose up to 1 STONE in your 4 weeks.

SIMPLE, EASY TO COOK Nutrition support…

Nutrition counts for as much as 70-80% of your results, this means we need to help get you set up with your own nutrition formula. One that fits around your life, family & work.

You will have access to Meal Plans, Success Books, Shopping Lists, Downloads that you can take away and use.

Everything is designed for BUSY “Over 30’s”, meaning all meals are quick and easy to make. Plus tasty and family friendly! 


We will also be giving you complete access to our Online Nutrition System:

In here you will find over 3000 recipes, with downloads, shopping lists, meal plans and much more.

It is also the place we store all our training from quick tips to formulas, online workouts and much more.


Once you become a member, you will be entered into our PRIVATE support group where all our clients keep us updated, we keep them motivated and the results just keep on going.

From the coaches posting quick tips and challenges to clients asking questions and sharing wins or struggles.

We are all in this together and the PRIVATE member’s group is the perfect place to support each other.

Events, Certificates & More…

DKnine is way more than just a gym, weight loss club or place to hang out with friends. We are a FAMILY!

Everyone supports, motivates, and encourages each other.

We have monthly events in and outside the studio from bowling and going out for food, to walk up Snowdon and retreats.

Secure your place on your preferred 6 week programme Over 30’s Programme…

Iv been to a couple of different gyms but nothing like this one,everyone is so friendly and

Secure your place on your preferred 6 week programme Over 30’s Programme…

After signing up, you will be sent to a link to join our support group. You will simply need to request to join the group.

One of the team will also be in contact ASAP to get you booked in for your initial 1-2-1.