This is hard to argue with If you ‘think’ you haven’t got time to get back in shape

I’m gonna PROVE to you that you have…

Think of it like this If I could get you to dedicate a measly 1.8% of your life to getting back in shape

Would you be able to find that? 1.8% ONE point EIGHT Percent

^^^ A TEENY TINY amount of time Agreed?

Could you find it in your busy schedule? Cool…

That’s ample time to get you to lose weight while gaining strength and becoming all round more healthy So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one So now you’re on board I’m gonna tell you what this actually means… Ready?

1.8% is only 3 hours of your week

Now when you say it like that…

THREE HOURS… that sounds like a lot (to some people)

But 1.8% is TEENY TINY (you’ve already agreed with me on that one sister) 

(pssst… We don’t even exercise three hours a week, we only do TWO HOURS and FIFTEEN MINUTES)

So what’s it to be?

Cos if you TRULY want to get back in shape

And you can’t find just under 1.8% of your life to do it in

Well… you’re gonna need a magician

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