2019… The year you fail again ?

So back on the first day of the new year, everyone was excited about starting their NEW YEAR-NEW ME routine(5 weeks in)

Whether that be no Alcohol for January

Or planning to get in some sort of shape this year

For the simple reason of…. It’s just easier not to change

And I have to have this ‘argument’ with many people all the time

You see losing weight is actually much easier than gaining weight

Weight loss is all about burning more calories then you consume

Weight gain is about consuming more calories then you burn

So if you eat nothing… The weight is 100% guaranteed to fall off


Yet gaining weight is much harder

Because you have to eat more than you burn

Breathing burn calories, brushing your teeth burns calories

Even sleeping burns calories

So how do you lose weight?

Without starving yourself or spending hours in the gym


You take back control

You take control of what you eat

You take control of how much you move

Over a 7 day period, you need to be 3500 calories less to lose just a 1 pound ?

That’s it

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