How To Put A Workout Together

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know that Lifting Weights is the gold-standard form of exercise for Weight-Loss.

But what now? As in WHAT do you actually DO? Which exercises?

Well, forget all the weird, butt-in-the-air clowning around nonsense you see models doing on The Gram – what you need is a good solid programme that takes your body through the full array of basic strength movements.

So, here’s a template for you – ain’t I generous

– MOBILISE: prep your body with controlled movements that take your joints through the full range of movement. Stretch especially tight areas.

– SQUAT: Pick a basic version like Bodyweight or Goblet.

– PUSH: Overhead Press, Push-Up, Bench Press.

– HINGE: Start with a Cable Pull-Through, Romanian Deadlift or Rack Pull. Full Deadlifts are risky to the lower-back.

– PULL: Lat Pulldown, Rows.

– LUNGE: Forward, Reverse, Lateral.

– BUTT STUFF: Glute Bridges, Frog Pumps, Side Lying Hip Raises.

– CORE: Planks, Dead Bugs, Russian Twists.

Start with 2 to 3 sets of each and higher reps (say 12-15) with lighter weights, using 45-60 seconds rest gaps.

If you’re pressed for time, leave out the lunges and keep it to 2 sets of each.

When you feel confident, you can start lifting heavier and going for lower rep ranges (say 8-12) with slightly longer rest gaps (60-90 seconds).

And, like that, Robert becomes your mother’s rather fit and trim looking brother