Can you drink alcohol on a diet?

(Just in time for the festive season and Christmas doos )
The answer is YES! Fat loss comes down to a calorie deficit.  Calories in < Calories expended. Use these steps to minimize the damage! 1.Plan! During the day, go easy on the carbohydrates. Have meals high in protein and moderate in fats. Have something like a chicken salad with dressing on the side. This will save room for the calories from the drinks! 2.Choose your drinks wisely! That’s why I made this post. Pick the drinks from the ‘Lower Calorie’ section, and just keep a mental track of what you’re having. 3.Avoid eating those greasy meals after drinking! The calories will really add up. A full McDonald’s meal can be around 800 calories! Sometimes I prep a meal before I go out, and have that when I get home. 4.Stay Hydrated! A great trick I learned to preventing a hangover is staying hydrated during the night and having electrolytes when I get home. 5.Have fun and enjoy the company! Guys, this is the most important of the 5 steps. Let loose and enjoy the time with your friends. One night of drinking won’t ruin your progress! What’s your favourite drink? Hope everyone has a great weekend! ⛔️✋STOP✋⛔️
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