Self Doubt. ⠀

Why do we doubt ourselves when we set big goals? ⠀

It’s probably because we focus too much on the end goal. All we see is the GAP from where we are to where we want to be. ⠀

If we focus only on the end goal and how big that gap is, we will find it difficult to stay motivated along the journey because it’s too far. ⠀

Focus on small wins. Take it day by day. ⠀

The accumulation of the small wins is what will get us to the big win. ⠀

We need to sometimes forget the goal and focus on the Immediate instead. ⠀

It’s like training for a marathon. If you went for your first run thinking about the 42km we will have to eventually run, it’s going to seem extremely daunting and demotivating.

However, if we focus on the Immediate goal of each training session, seeing the small improvements will be hugely motivating

What can you focus on today that will get you closer to your goal?