Do you talk yourself out of doing things that will make you happier?

“I’m too busy right now.”

“It’s too much for me to mentally take on at the moment.”

“When things calm down I’ll get back to you.”

“I have some travel lined up in the next month or two so once that’s out of the way I’ll get started.”

“I’ll leave it until the New Year.”

Do any of these statements feel familiar to you?

Here’s the thing though – what is it that you are talking yourself out of HAVING?

Think about it…

If you start eating better what do you think will happen?

Will you regret it?

What about if you start doing a manageable amount of exercise and walking more?

Will you regret that?

Assuming you make these changes small to start with, and work to a simple, clear plan, do you think they will make your life easier or harder?

What might happen to your mood?
What might happen to your stress levels?
Your energy?
Your confidence?

Now imagine doing this with group of like minded, supportive women who understands you and walks with you every step of the way.

Do you think you would regret that?

It’s human nature to fear change – and that’s why so many people back out after demonstrating how much they need to do this.

But the sad thing is they are left with regrets – continuing to feel the pain they want to remove.

The thing to realise is that, if you honour your desire to change with action, you will feel better IMMEDIATELY.

Within days you will feel the buzz of adventure and the confidence from no longer being a bystander as your health and fitness continues to deteriorate.

Do you honestly think you will regret it?

Stop talking yourself out of doing things that will make you happier.

You deserve to do this for yourself 🙂