Focus On The System Not The Goal.⠀

Goal = lose 30lbs⠀
System = tracking nutrition, consistent exercise, building healthy habits, etc.⠀

If you only focus on the goal you will never be able to sustain it once you get there.⠀

But if you focus on changing the system, aka your lifestyle, once you get to your goal you will be able to maintain it.⠀

It’s like a messy garage. If your goal is to clean the garage, you can achieve the goal by simply cleaning it up.⠀

However, a few months later, you’re going to run into the same problem because you haven’t change the habits that led to the messy garage in the first place.⠀

By focusing on the system, forming new habits that will allow you to keep the garage clean, will be much more effective in the long term.⠀

This is very common when trying to improve our fitness and health.⠀

So we should focus on improving the systems (lifestyle) that we have and form healthier habits.⠀

What’s one habit you would like to form?