“Lack of patience and entitlement are what’s keeping people from succeeding”

This applies to both: our life and our fitness goals.-We often believe that if we do something for x amount of time we ‘deserve’ a certain outcome.

We feel entitled to get a certain result.

Instead of focusing on the process, we focus on the results.

This makes us impatient and we start forming a negative mindset.

This can apply to weight loss or improving health . We believe that if we eat right and train hard we will see the results.

Yes the results will come, but it takes time. This is why a lot of us fail. We stop trusting the process after 4-6-8-10 weeks because we expect results to come too easily.

We like to focus on other people’s success. We don’t see the failures that got others where they are.

We feel entitled to look and feel a certain way when we haven’t even given 20%.

Let’s trust the process and focus on small wins.

Focus our lives and stop comparing ourselves to others. Cause that’s road to pooh town, shitsvile, county crappington.