Is it REAL hunger?

Believe it or not when you feel hunger, you might not actually be hungry.

If you don’t drink coffee, have green tea instead. Caffeine is the key here. Caffeine is a great hunger suppressant.

Another tip! If you still feel hungry after coffee have a piece of fruit . Your liver is likely depleted and fruit is a healthy and low-calorie way to top up your liver stores!

Take the above steps before eating or snacking. Eating when you’re ACTUALLY hungry (in need of nutrients) is very powerful. It gives us the sense of control. To have a healthy relationship with food, don’t let it control you

There are many factors that cause us to be hungry

1)You may feel hunger because you are dehydrated. Upon waking up you are very dehydrated, so make sure you drink at least 1 liter of water after waking up.

2)You may feel hunger because you are sleep deprived. Getting adequate sleep (7-9hrs) is so important for your health.

3)You may feel hunger because you are bored. We sometimes just crave food if we get bored. When you do, find something interesting to do!

4)Stress is also another factor that causes hunger. Being aware of it and accepting it is a good way to deal with the stress. Just take a second to breathe and think about what to do. Avoid reacting to your emotions. You’re in CONTROL.

Try these steps. If after drinking water, having caffeine and even eating a piece of fruit is not enough to suppress your hunger, make sure to eat a nutritious meal!

Hope this post provided some insight. Do try these steps out!

What are some ways you guys deal with hunger? And which one of the 4 is most likely the reason?