?Mindset.? ⠀

Mindset is so important when it comes to fitness and when it comes to life.

On a podcast, I recently heard someone tell this story and I feel it sums it up really well. ⠀
✅There’s a woman walking down a road and she comes across a very exhausted man smashing concrete tirelessly. ⠀
✅She goes over to the man and asks “What are you doing?” 
✅ In frustration, the man replies “I have to pay the bills and the only way I can is by doing this all day! Such is life!” The woman nods empathetic ally and continues walking. ⠀
Just a few meters ahead, she comes across another man smashing concrete, but this man is full of energy and more efficient at smashing concrete. ⠀
✅The woman asks the man “What are you doing?” ⠀
✅The man, standing with pride and a smile on his face, I’m building a school for all the children in this neighbourhood!

What are you activities are you doing because you ‘HAVE’ to?

What are you ‘building’ with your daily actions?