Overate this weekend?

It’s totally normal especially at this time of year, to let loose and enjoy your time with your family and friends.

You might feel that you ruined your progress. The truth is that it didn’t. In order to gain one pound of fat you would need to overeat by over 3,500 calories! So most of the weight you gained the next morning is water, so don’t freak out.

Don’t: After overeating, used to do ‘hate’ cardio and restrict my eating the next day. I’ve been there and I know it doesn’t help. It actually pushed me further back.

Do:   Get back to your normal training and eating routine ASAP. The sooner you get back the better.

Mindset is really important. Accept what has happened, look at the positives(there are always positives), and move on!

Fitness is a long game. In the long run a weekend of enjoying yourself won’t matter. What will matter is how soon you get back to making progress! So get back to your routine and be grateful that you had a good weekend!

Hope you all are spending quality time with your family and friends!

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