I want to get you thinking, if I may…

The concept of WHY our goals are important has been repeated to the point of cliche in recent years.

I’ve found myself reluctant to ‘go there’ because it all feels so goddam cheesy.

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid the self-help gurus and Ted Talks spraffing about this (in which case; lucky you!) let me clarify what I mean.

Say you have a weight you want to get down to.

Or a dress you want to wear that you haven’t been able to for years.

Great! You have a goal to focus on.

But that alone isn’t going to be powerful enough to motivate you if you don’t understand WHY it’s important to you.

Paying lip-service isn’t going to cut it btw – ‘just want to be healthy and look and feel good’, for example, is meaningless 😉

You have to go deeper.

Why are you REALLY doing this?

What pain will you remove that you currently have? (Physically and Mentally)

What pleasure will you gain?

Beyond pleasure (which comes and goes) what will achieving your goal mean to you?

If you haven’t thought about this properly, you really need to.

It’ll bring the true power of your goals to the surface.

So you won’t talk yourself into not doing the things that stop your goal merely being a ‘nice idea’ that never comes to life.

(The ‘things’ being what you consistently do on a DAILY basis)

So, what’s YOUR WHY?

You don’t have to share it but, for your own benefit, make sure you know EXACTLY what it is.