One of my clients asked me this recently.

It’s a common question – people are conditioned to believe that doing cardio and high-impact exercise is the best route to weight-loss.

Now, you MAY burn more calories while doing cardio and ‘jumpy/runny’ stuff (although that really depends!) – but there’s a lot more to this than that…

Firstly, the calorie-burn of intentional-exercise tends be massively over-estimated.

It doesn’t add up to as much as you may think – and certainly doesn’t negate over-eating and an otherwise inactive lifestyle.

(Basically, if you sit on your butt the rest of the time)

For the Calorie-Deficit needed for weight-loss, the most effective way is through eating less and being more active 24/7 (basically walking more!)

However, Training is still REALLY important!

Apart from health reasons, if done correctly, it will give you the strong and attractive physique you want!

And that’s where Lifting Weights comes in!

Here’s 3 Reasons Why Weights Are Better Than Cardio And High-Impact Exercise For Weight-Loss:

1️ Lifting Weights ensures the maximum amount of Weight-loss come from Body Fat – not muscle tissue.

(??If that isn’t enough to convert you, I don’t know what will!)

2️  It’s better at increasing your metabolism – more calories burned 24/7.

3️ ‘Toning’ actually means building SOME muscle – a round, shapely bum and ‘sculpted’ back and shoulders are not created by running on a treadmill.

(Guys, think arms and legs tummy and buttocks lol)

This is not to say cardio is a waste of time – if you have the time to do it on top of your strength programme, and you want to do it – do it!

However, if you think you NEED to do it to lose body-fat; you don’t.

Quite the reverse.


Focus on diet and walking more to create the all important calorie-deficit.

Then use Strength Training to sculpt the strong, healthy and, dare I say, sexyl body you want 🙂


That is all