When it comes to helping my clients ‘fix’ their diet I’m all about that convenient life

Sure, in a perfect world, cooking everything from scratch is ideal. But in the REAL world it just ain’t gonna happen.

On those inevitable occasions sticking to a PERFECT diet plan isn’t possible, it’s easy to make poor choices.

But here’s the thing; grabbing something on the go doesn’t have to mean going off-plan.

Having a Plan B of calorie-friendly, rich in protein Meal Options prevents that.

And, if you want to make your life REALLY easy, there’s no reason why it can’t be your Plan A ?

For most working peeps, Breakfasts, Dinners and Snacks tend to be the easiest meals to ‘get right’.

Lunch, not so much. If you don’t take it with you, you have to make good-choices from what’s available – and resist the temptation of the MANY bad ones!

Well, I got you covered here with these 6 ideas ?

NOTE – these are simply ideas and suggestions. Use them as a template to create your own ones based on what’s available at and near your workplace ?