If you know and believe this to be true your weight loss motivation will never fail you again.


Think about it like this: let’s say you go out with a group of friends on a Friday night, toss back a couple vinos, one too many slices of pizza, and a hefty portion of fish food ice cream.

After all is said and done, you get back home around 2am and realize you not only have pizza sauce caked all over your new shoes (how the hell did that happen?) but you also blew past your calorie guidelines by about 2000.

From here you have two mind-set options:

Option A 

You F*@ked up. Big time. You went way over your calories and completely ruined your progress. At this point you might as well just finish off the family size box of Pringles and spend the rest of the weekend eating whatever you want because you already messed up.

Option B: 

Who cares? You went out with your friends, had fun, went over your calorie guidelines, and it was totally worth it. You were great all week, saw fantastic progress, and you’ll get right back on track the next morning. No big deal whatsoever because you know as long as you get right back on track you’ll keep losing weight.

Which mind-set do you think is going to help you lose weight faster and keep it off in the long-run?

Exactly.Mindset Option B is your key to increasing weight loss motivation and keeping it for the rest of your life.

You’re Always Just One Meal Away From Getting Right Back on Track!

Allowing yourself to think you screwed up your diet is an excuse.

It’s an excuse to continue eating like crap and avoid getting back on track. Because it’s much easier to convince yourself you’re a failure than it is to believe you can and will succeed. 

So from here on out the choice is yours. You know you can’t screw up your diet.

The only way to screw up your diet is to not get back on track. Because as long as you get right back on track at the next meal, you’ll continue making progress and be one giant leap closer to building the body you’ve always wanted.